Abstract: Research:  Finding Answers to Questions or Finding Questions to Answer

The majority of TESOL professionals view research as critical to the improvement of L2 teaching and learning.  It is in graduate programs where this view of research is formed and researchers are born.  However, TESOL postgraduates being trained in language teaching research design often find it difficult to select research topics and formulate research questions.  Thus, the main aim of this talk is provide information to postgraduate junior researchers that may be facing difficulties during the initial stages of research design.  In the first part of the talk I will share my personal experiences in selecting topics for research.  Then I discuss how the practice of replicating research can be a practical approach to take when selecting topics for postgraduate research projects.  Finally, I will address the importance of asking appropriate research questions and in a workshop fashion the audience will practice forming and revising such questions. 

Reynolds, B.L. (2015, April 20). Research: Finding answers to questions or finding questions to answer. TESOL Program, Murray State University. Murray, Kentucky, USA. DOI:10.13140/RG.2.1.1302.3765