Abstract: Learning to Accommodate:  The Cross-Cultural Journey of a Teacher

This talk is mainly aimed at L2 educators planning to teach in international settings or those responsible for providing such educators with pre-departure training.  It is impossible for a teacher to fully prepare before beginning a teaching journey abroad but being aware of potential pitfalls can help make the transition of working in a foreign country a lot smoother.  Everyone’s experience is going to be different; however, what I have to share regarding my own experience, my “lessons learned,” may benefit those that wish to gain teaching experiences abroad.  During this talk I will share experiences regarding a number of cross-cultural aspects of teaching including but not limited to: teacher-student relationships; native-speakerism; motivation; job selection; and internationalization.

Reynolds, B.L. (2015, April 21). Learning to accommodate: The cross-cultural journey of a teacher. TESOL Program, Murray State University. Murray, Kentucky, USA. DOI:10.13140/RG.2.1.3399.5288