Several ALLL lab members and affiliates got together on 20 August 2019 to visit the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of Macau. As one of the primary faculty in the Centre, Dr. Reynolds hopes that his lab can have collaboration with key faculty and their students. 

In addition to Dr. Reynolds, Ting Song, Wilson Hong, Ding Chen, and Edith Li had a tour of the Centre facilities. At the moment, Ding Chen, Tina Song, and Edith Li have plans to conduct research relevant to the Centre. Functional Head of Institute Administration for the Institute for Collaborative Innovation, Calvin Vong, gave the tour.


As a new PhD student at the University of Macau, Tina Song was enthusiastic about getting a better understanding of how the Centre will promote interdisciplinary collaboration. She was also interested in what areas are available for data collection and what core facilities will be made available to faculty and students. Calvin Vong was there to answer all our questions.

The ALLL lab members had their first opportunity to interact with individuals working in related but different research areas. Tania Alexandra Pinho Couto, a PhD student working with EEG and fNIRS methodologies briefly introduced her research.  Dr. Reynolds and his students are working within the area of Brain and Language Cognition—hoping to soon have several eye tracking projects up and running.  There should be ample opportunities for cross-fertilization.

Primary faculty in the Centre are working in the following research areas: Addiction and Decision Making, Brain and Language Cognition, Cognitive Aging, Child Development, Brain Disorders, and Neuroimaging.