Time: Tuesday 17 September 2019

This year’s birthday surprise was a bit of a shock compared with last year’s cozy celebration. As scheduled, Tuesday should be ALLL’s routine eye-tracking group meeting. However, when Prof. Reynolds arrived at the venue and tried to open the door, all he found was darkness and screams from members inside. Was it an early Halloween party instead of a birthday party? No, just his three minute early arrival sent everyone inside into a panic! When the door opened, Prof. Reynolds was presented with a birthday cake and flowers. Due to scheduling conflicts, only some of the ALLL members (Tina, Sylvia, Ding Chen, Edith, Wilson, and Andrew) were present to celebrate our “Best Professor Barry’s birthday.” Although this year’s birthday gave Prof. Reynolds a bit of a shock, all ALLL members agreed it was delightful and we all wish our best professor a happy birthday and a happy every day!