Time: 7 Nov 2019 (Thursday)-8 Nov. 2019 (Friday)

Venue: N21 G013 & N21 1002C

A two-day EyeLink Portable Duo training was held by the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CCBS) from 7 Nov 2019 (Thursday) to 8 Nov. 2019 (Friday) at N21 G013. The training was provided by the technician Craig Chen from the Representative Office of the SR-Research Corporation in China. The EyeLink Portable Duo was purchased under Professor Barry Lee Reynolds’s Multi-Year Research Grant and placed in room 1002 of the CCBS at N21. The training attracted around 30 attendees from the center including primary faculty members and their students. The arrangement of the training schedule was as follows:

10:30 ~ 12:00, 7 Nov (Thursday) – Installation and Debugging

14:30 ~17:00, 7 Nov (Thursday) – Hardware introduction; Acquisition DEMO; ELCL training in details, which is the acquisition software in Host PC

9:00~12:00, 8 Nov. (Friday)-Experiment Builder (EB) introduction in detail and practice, which is the stimulus program software in Display PC

14:30~17:00, 8 Nov. (Friday)-Data Viewer (DV) introduction in detail and practice, which is the data analysis software in Display PC

After the formal lecturing session, ALLL members joined a hands-on practice of participant setup, camera setup, and calibration/validation in both the desktop computer and laptop computer modes. The members also used a demo program to run a reading experiment trial for collecting and exporting results.