Speaker: Prof. Ju Seong LEE

Assistant Professor and Acting Head of the Department of English Language Education at the Education University of Hong Kong

Date: 5 March 2024

Time: 14:00-15:00

Venue: Room E33 – G021 , Faculty of Education

Language: English

Title: Informal Digital Learning of English: Current Insights and Future Directions


Informal Digital Learning of English (IDLE) refers to self-directed English language activities that take place in extramural digital settings. This talk offers an overview of the presenter’s research on IDLE in various countries, including Morocco, South Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Sweden, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Mainland China, and Hong Kong.  By analyzing these studies and others, the presenter summarizes key findings and insights from IDLE research. The talk concludes by offering recommendations for future research and potential initiatives to integrate IDLE into formal education.