Speaker: Prof. Fan FANG

Professor, Shantou University

Date: 7 May 2024

Time: 11:00-12:00

Venue: Room E33 – 1035, Faculty of Education

Language: English

Title: Integrating Global Englishes and Translanguaging in TESOL: Future Prospects and Challenges for Enhancing Global Competence


The fact that English is used as a global language has urged language educators to respond to the complexity of English language education in order to cultivate learners’ awareness of language use in multilingual and multicultural contexts.This requires language educators to develop an awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity in practice through education. TESOL is addressing issues such as race, identity, and global competence in English language education. The paradigm
of Global Englishes challenges the ideology of native speakerism and emphasizes respect for multilingualism, diverse cultures, and identities in English language education. However, the Global Englishes paradigm focuses less on the diversity of multilingual and multicultural practice in classroom discourse. Translanguaging, as a practical theory of language, incorporates this aspiration into classroom discourse and daily communication. This talk highlights the importance of integrating these two paradigms into English language education from the perspectives of critical pedagogy in applied linguistics and decolonizing pedagogy. It argues for the need to embrace linguistic and cultural diversity in TESOL to develop students’ intercultural awareness and glocal competence. This talk ends with some proposals for and challenges of integrating Global Englishes and translanguaging into TESOL